New Game Streaming Service Utomik Is Coming To Android And TV


Meta Description The wait is finally over as the Utomik is coming to the Android operating system and Samsung Smart tv. Get yourself ready for the biggest gaming festival of the year.

On the 31st of March 2022, the official Press release by Utomik brought good news for mobile gamers with the announcement of a new cloud-based gaming app for Android devices. Since its first release back in 2014, Utomik has provided gamers with an extensive collection of more than thirteen games from popular genres.

No matter how different your taste is, Utomik caters to something for it in its collection that you surely enjoy. It features a fast download tech that enables you to download as many games as you want in a short period. You can log in to your Utomik account by entering your email and password to save your data on a cloud server and play it on all your handheld devices. Its headquarter is located in the Netherlands.

Before the release of the final version of Utomik for Android, it will be released to a small group of users for beta testing to remove any bugs and glitches. Users who can access the beta version will enjoy the following benefits.

  • Mobile devices with a minimum of Android 9 or higher version operating system
  • Give your feedback to developers at Utomik so they can improve the functionalities of the app
  • The beta testing will be opened for users from all the regions of the world
  • The beta version will feature more than seventy-five games, including Demon Hunter 2: New Chapter, Coffee Talk, Kingdom: New Lands, etc.

In a recent statement by the chief technology officer of Utomik, he shared his vision that the mobile version isn’t the end, and Utomik will continue to achieve new milestones in the future. This app is developed for a better user experience and will provide the best gaming experience to mobile gamers.

Utomik will automatically filter games to provide mobile users with games that are compatible with their devices, so they don’t waste their resources and time on downloading an incompatible game. After the successful testing of the closed beta version and the removal of all glitches, developers will release the final version of the app. It appeals to gamers of all regions and ages, all thanks to its games.

The monthly subscription to Utomik will cost you around seven US dollars a month which is value for money given the number of games you will access. After the first release, gamers will have to pay an extra amount over the monthly subscription fees, but it will be a one-time cost. It supports touch screen controls, full controllers, and on-screen controllers.


The wait will be over soon, and you will be able to access hundreds of games on your small screen device. Be prepared to welcome the biggest gaming platform. So which games will you play first?