Kirby and The Forgotten Land

Kirby And The Forgotten Land Review


Meta Description If you are looking for a family game that you can play with children to enjoy your free time with them. Kirby and the forgotten land should be on the top of your list.

Unlike other famous Nintendo characters, the pink ball of Nintendo, also known as Kirby, has to wait for more than thirty years for its transition from a 3D character to a 2D character. But finally, the time is here, and he will be set on an adventure in the beautiful 3D world.

Some gamers compare this game to the Super Mario Odyssey due to its 3D world, but it is more like the Yoshi series because of the structure of the levels. The game also features a bit of combat to test your fighting skills, but your main job will be to find hidden collectible items around the map.

For new and young gamers, Kirby and the forgotten land is a pretty good start as they will get familiar with how things work in a charming and enjoyable 3D environment. Below is the ultimate Kirby and the forgotten land review to help you decide whether you should play it or not.


Those who have already played a game of the Kirby series in the past would know that this series isn’t famous for its story. The game thing goes for the forgotten land, and below are the three points to help you understand the story of the game in a better way.

  • Enjoyable cutscenes
  • Kids are the targeted audience
  • Simple story

When the game starts for the first time, you will see that Kirby and other companions reach into an unfamiliar world after they get sucked into a vortex. You, as the protagonist of the game, have to search in the forest for your kidnapped friend called Waddle Dee.

To keep things children friendly, kidnappers aren’t some horrible characters; instead, they are cute foxes and blackbirds. Characters from previous Kirby series games also make an appearance in Forgotten land. Go to the colosseum and fight off as many waves of enemies as you can handle to get rewards. 

The end game becomes interesting as it features a fairly action-packed cutscene which is unusual for the Kirby series. The hub world is your chilling space when you are rescuing your friends, and it keeps getting big as you rescue more friends. If you are done with rescuing, go fishing on a beautiful lake.

Co-op Multiplayer

After the prologue of the forgotten land, you have the option to invite your friends and family members to play with them together, all thanks to co-op multiplayer. The biggest benefit of multiplayer mode over the single-player mode is that your teammates will take the role of Waddle dee.

The usual Waddle Dee in the game isn’t intelligent and can’t solve any complex puzzles, so you have to do most of the grinding. The biggest issue players face with the multiplayer mode is that the camera is focused on Kirby only, and Waddle Dee has to keep up with Kirby to see where they are heading.

If you want to play with your children together, Kirby is the best option. You can help them get out of a tricky situation or defeat a boss. Some prominent co-op multiplayer features of Kirby and the forgotten land are given bowl.

  • A total of two players can play together
  • Waddle Dee skillset are usable


Kirby and the forgotten land features pretty good visuals with bright colors for the best experience. The cartoon-style art and detail-packed levels appeal to kids the most. Not just the good characters but enemies are also designed with sheer commitment.

To get a better idea about the level of the details in the game, go to a mall nearby, and you will see that enemies are enjoying their free time and having burgers. After the rescue mission ends, players spend most of their time in the hub world as it features various activities. The game is regarded as one of the best in the Kirby series due to the animations and detailed cut scenes, which immerse you into the storyline.


Kirby and the forgotten land come up with levels that are designed in a linear manner, just like the famous Super Mario 3D land game. Although the first priority is to rescue your friends, you should also collect hidden items. It features various puzzles, including the Odyssey-Esque puzzle, to help you in improving your focus.

The game doesn’t contain any open-world format levels, which is disappointing news for open-world lovers. You have to jump at the right moment but don’t worry, as you will inflate the character and float upwards if you miss a jump by chance. Kirby is a very easy game as you don’t have to master too many skills and only have to time your jump.

With the right strategy, defeat enemies and steal their abilities to use them for your benefit. There are a total of twelve abilities available in Kirby, and each is suitable for a different scenario. Hammer skills can increase damage output at close range, while the ice ability lets you freeze enemies and skate from one place to another.

Don’t worry if you aren’t satisfied with the performance of the ability, as you can upgrade it to increase the effect. It would be best if you experiment with all the available abilities instead of going blindly with a few abilities to increase your chances of winning. Taking on the colosseum isn’t difficult if you have the right abilities.  

The health bar is pretty big, and your chances of dying by enemy hits are too small. Sometimes enemies are too big to swallow, and they will attack, but you will only lose a small amount of health. As this is a kid-oriented game, developers have kept the difficulty easier.

Each level contains secrets that you can unveil, and some players also miss a few Waddles dee on their first gameplay. But they can always come back and tackle the same challenge with a new strategy. Boss battles are also fun as you can easily defeat them with a few hits and dodge their attacks to avoid damage.


On paper, this game doesn’t look too promising, but given its target audience, it features good art styles and the best gameplay. What do you like the most about Kirby and the forgotten land?

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