Postal 4: No Regerts Review


Meta Description Postal 4 was released in April this year, and it wasn’t what players were expecting. Here is the accurate Postal 4 review with everything that you need to know about the game.


The official Steam page of the famous first-person shooter game Postal 4 regards it as the sequel to Postal 2, which didn’t perform well in the market. According to the gamer community, developers lived up to their legacy of releasing bad games in the form of No Regerts.

Everything from the combat to humor and other game mechanics is the worst that you can imagine. It is filled with so many glitches that, at times, you will think that you are actually experiencing glitches and not playing an actual game. It was a disappointment for gamers who were waiting for the new Postal game after the bad experience with Portal 2.


The game starts with the main protagonist of the game returning to Edensin, Arizona, along with his faithful canine named Champ. During the journey, the protagonist stops at a gas station and forgets to lock the car resulting. Someone stole their trailer home and car along with everything else, so they are now stranded in the middle of nowhere. With nothing in his hands, he goes into the town to search for work and start a new life out of nothing.


You will be working hard each day from Monday to Friday to perform tasks. The game assigns you new tasks every day, and the previously assigned tasks will be removed automatically. Some of these tasks include guarding prisoners in the city’s jail for a day, asking people to sign a petition, and replacing broken bulbs in the sewer with new ones.

As you are in an imaginary town named Edensin near the Mexico border, be prepared to shoot Americans across the border using a large catapult as part of your task. From the looks of these tasks, they don’t sound promising, and if there is one common thing between them, it has to be that they aren’t pleasurable at all.

Go prepared every time you get out of your hideout as the outside world is crawling with hostile cults who will kill with surprise attacks. Sometimes, you will engage in a gun fight with border patrol officers as shooting Americans on the other side of the border is illegal.  


Combat was the last resort for players as they thought that developers had done something good in that section, but like the other components of the game, combat is also terrible. If ranked, the worse thing about the combat system of this first-person shooting game is the enemy AI which has no idea what to do.

In some situations, enemies run towards you to attack you but completely forget about it until they reach you while gathering in a group together so you can shoot them effortlessly, making it pretty boring. Even after shooting hundreds of bullets, you will see that enemies are still standing because they absorbed all the bullets like a sponge which makes you think that your weapon choice isn’t good at all.


For your main weapon, the game provides you with a long-trusted revolver with bullets that are able to pierce multiple enemies at the same if fired at the right time. Other than the revolver, there are a bunch of other weapons ranging from shotguns to pistols and assault rifles.

The power of these weapons is totally irrelevant, so unless you are ready to test them by yourself, stick to the revolver. The sound design of these weapons is the worst, and aiming at enemies through the sight will make you regret your decision.

The only thing about the whole weapon system in Portal 4 is the pigeon mine and machete, as they at least accomplish what they were made for. With a machete, cut the legs and arms of your enemies to make them bleed to death. You can throw a machete at enemies, and it will return back to you after dealing the damage.

Set the pigeon mine on the ground, and it will instantly turn enemies into lifeless bodies with body parts missing as soon as they come near it. The sound of the mine feels like shooting a four-barrel shotgun, but it’s better than the sounds of primary weapons.  

In some cases, even the most powerful guns in the game will feel weak, but you can equip the famous M16 assault rifle in such situations. Don’t blindly open fire as each bullet counts, and getting ammunition is a separate struggle. You have the option to buy ammo from a wending machine hidden somewhere on the map, so good luck finding it first.


Like everything else, the in-game map is terrible, especially when you use it to reach your destination. It doesn’t provide any information, including the locations of vending machines spread across the map.

In fact, the map only features symbols for dressing shops. Getting your hands on money in Portal 4 is a separate struggle, and you don’t have plenty of it even towards the end game, so spend wisely and try to save for necessary items such as weapons and ammo. Other than shooting people, exploring the town and meeting with new people is what you will find peace in.

The map is large enough that Getting to the desired location will take some time because the map is pretty big. There is a mobility scooter that serves as your primary ride if you want to get to a location quickly. Finding a mobility scooter can be a painful task, so you can rent one, but it will cost you around fifty bucks for one go. What do you hate the most about Portal 4: No Regrets?


Portal 4 turned out to be a poor attempt by developers to become a big gaming name, but it didn’t go as planned. Whoever has spent money on it was left with regrets only.

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