PS5 vs Xbox Series X – What’s The Difference

PS5 vs Xbox Series X

Meta Description The battle between PS5 vs Xbox Series X has been going on since their launch date, and it is a difficult task for common users to identify which of them is the best.

Sony and Microsoft released their flagship video game consoles, the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X, back in 2020. To get a better idea about how popular they are, you won’t find them at most console retailers if you go right now to buy them. They also set new sales records for their respective parent company, which is Sony for PlayStation and Microsoft for Xbox.  

Although the performance of both gaming consoles is somewhat similar, the PlayStation 5 has been more popular among the gaming community. Some experts think that console-exclusive games like Ratchet & Clank, Spider-Man, and Demon’s Souls are the reasons behind their popularity. 

When it comes to Xbox, it features a Netflix-style gaming membership known as the Xbox Game Pass that gamers can buy to get exclusive access to content. In terms of practicality, they can log in to their Xbox account on any computer with the Windows Operating system to manage it remotely. This article features a detailed comparison between both consoles in terms of design, performance, hardware, graphics, Storage, cloud gaming, etc.

Graphics and Processing Hardware

Both PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles offer similar performance to any gaming console available in the market today. According to the claims by Microsoft, which is the parent company of Xbox, it features an eight-core CPU that can easily clock up to 3.8GHz per core, making it four times faster than the previous generation Xbox One X.

While PS5, on the other hand, offers the same eight-core Zen 2 processors, it offers less processing for each core. Both consoles offer sixteen gigabytes of DDR6 rams to tackle all those games in high graphics settings. Along with other similarities, both use the same RDNA 2 graphics hardware, but Xbox Series X has an advantage, all thanks to the 12 TFLOPS of power across 52 CUs.

When you compare these graphics properties on paper, you will learn that Xbox Series X is better in terms of performance, but PS5 isn’t too much behind, and it even manages to defeat Xbox in some areas. 


No matter how both consoles perform, gamers also choose the best-looking console even if they have to sacrifice performance to some extent. This time, both Sony and Microsoft took a new approach to designing their flagship console. They are bigger than all the previous versions of both consoles.

In terms of height, the PS5 is the tallest gaming console to this date, and it features a unique design that consists of two faceplates covering the main unit of the console. White is the official color of the PS5, but Sony offers plates of other colors as well.

You can place it vertically or horizontally without worrying about falling, but it is difficult to fit in some places, given its height. The digital version of the original PS5 is slim compared to the original version as it doesn’t feature an optical disc driver, but the height remains the same.

From the first look of the Xbox Series X, you may misidentify it with a tower PC. For better heat dissipation, both companies have given their best. You can put the Xbox Series X flat on a table or stand it on its end. There isn’t much of a difference between the weight of both consoles.  

Memory and Storage

For reduced loading time, both consoles use Solid State drives to store games, so you don’t have to install them every time. The Xbox Series X features an SSD with one terabyte of total Storage while eight hundred gigabytes of useable Storage, and it can read the data at a speed of 2.4 gigabytes per second.   

PS5 comes up with an SSD with a total capacity of eight hundred and twenty-five gigabytes and seven hundred gigabytes of useable Storage. It features a reading speed of 5.5 gigabytes per second which is more than double what Xbox Series X offers.

Don’t worry if you aren’t satisfied with the storage capacity of both consoles, as you can easily expand it with extension cards. You can connect an external SSD with games for the previous generation console to both consoles to enjoy them.

Backward Compatibility

Both consoles are backward compatible, which means you can play games of previous generation consoles on relevant new generation consoles. The best thing about backward compatibility is that you can enjoy the same game but at a much better frame rate.

Xbox Series X features FPS Boost that can give a modern look to old games by raising the frame rate. The same thing goes for the PS5, which can effortlessly run games from the previous generation of Playstation. The DualShock controller of PS5 takes the realism to a whole new level by giving you feedback when you press the trigger of a gun in a game.

Optical Disc drive

Although the world is going digital and a large number of latest computers don’t offer disc drives, this isn’t the case with both consoles. The PS5 and the Xbox Series X both offer 4k ultra-HD Blu-ray disc drives with much better reading speed. 


Price is a factor that you can’t simply ignore because there is no reason to waste your money if you don’t get better performance. Both Consoles are available at a price point of five hundred US Dollars, but you can buy their cheaper version if you don’t need the optical disc drive. You can buy the Xbox game pass with Xbox Series X to get instant access to more than three hundred games which is a dream come true for gamers.


Now that you know everything, all the differences, and similarities between both consoles, the ultimate decision is yours. Most gamers decide on their console based on what games they what to play, as some games are native to one console only. So, which console is right for you?