How Do I Get Started With DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports)? A Complete Guide

DFS Tools

Are you interested in playing fantasy sports but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry – we’re here to help! In this guide, we’ll give you a complete overview of the world of DFS (daily fantasy sports), including how it works, what platforms are available, and the different types of games that are available. We’ll also provide tips on how to get started, including advice on which games to play and how to make the most of your experience. So get ready to enter the world of DFS, and let us be your guide!


What is DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports)?

DFS (daily fantasy sports) is a new way to play fantasy sports. You compete against other players, who make picks for their team of real-life athletes, in a game that lasts all day. The athletes you pick determine your team’s stats for the day, and the more points your team accumulates, the higher your ranking will be. You can also make money by winning cash prizes.


Some Popular DFS Projection Platforms

There are a lot of different DFS tools platforms available on the market, and each one offers its own unique set of projections. To make things even more confusing, some of these projections are updated dynamically while others remain static.


To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular DFS projections and their corresponding betting strategies.



– Projections for every NFL game (static) 

– Half point PPR odds for every player across all games (dynamic) 

– Line moves based on real-time data (dynamic) 

– Probabilities for each team to win given its current point total and remaining schedule (static) 

– Over/Under points scored by each team in a given game (static)



– Projections for every NFL game (static) 

– Line moves based on real-time data (dynamic) 

– Probabilities for each team to win given its current point total and remaining schedule (static)


NBA, MLB, NFL Pickups

If you’re an avid sports fan and want to make some extra money, then you should consider turning your attention to the NBA, MLB, and NFL. These are all high-profile professional sports leagues that are always in need of players.


NFL pickups are especially lucrative because they offer relatively high salaries for a short period of time. This is due to the fact that NFL teams have a limited number of spots available on their rosters, so they compete fiercely for the best players. As a result, NFL pickups can earn you a lot of money in just a few short weeks. 


NBA pickups are also lucrative, but they tend to be shorter-term deals since there are more positions available than in the NFL. This means that NBA pickup contracts tend to expire much sooner than NFL contracts do. However, NBA players usually receive higher salaries overall than NFL players do, so it’s still worth considering if you’re interested in playing in one of these leagues. 


MLB pickups are similar to NBA pickups in terms of length and salary potential, but they happen at a slower pace since there are more teams competing for talent. That said, MLB pickups can still be very lucrative if you’re lucky enough to land an important role on an overachieving team.



After reading this article, we hope that you have all the information needed on how to get started with DFS! However, if you still aren’t sure about this new career path after reading through our guide, feel free to ask us any questions in the comments section down below! We will be happy to help you out as much as possible! Happy gaming!

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