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Evil Dead: The Game Overview


Evil Dead is a gore-filled horror game with a lot of surprises. This article features an overview of what you can expect in Evil Dead.

Evil Dead is an upcoming multiplayer horror game that will feature iconic characters from the evil dead universe. You will select your character and step into the game to deal with the horrifying Kandarian demon. Join a team of four heroes to explore some of the most famous locations of the series.

To defeat the enemy, make sure to loot weapons such as the chainsaw hand or the Boomstick. The Kandarian demon came to this world through a loophole between hell and our world. Your only chance to seal it is by collecting key items, and don’t forget to push him back before closing the portal permanently.

If you have any evil ideas in your mind, take the role of the Kandarian demon instead of terrorizing your friends who are playing the game. It is an objective-oriented game, and you have completed the object without getting killed by the demon and before the time ends. As a demon, stop the team from sealing the loophole and pushing you back into the depths of hell.  

Evil Dead is the perfect blend of co-op and player-vs-player gameplay set in the dark woods. While playing the game, players will spend most of their time fighting the demon or killing a human case of the demon. There is a separate single-player mode with some side quests to experience the gameplay in a new way.

Developers have clearly mentioned that these side quests aren’t part of the campaign as it is mainly a multiplayer game. Evil Dead features three unique archetypes of Kandarian Demon and 13 playable heroes. The launch price of the game is expected to be around forty US dollars making it a low-cost punch multiplayer horror experience.

A large collection of weapons and skills to choose from, assist your teammates in completing tasks or become a frontline warrior to take on the Kandarian demon. For a better gameplay experience, you should experiment with all the available heroes and skills before choosing your final hero, as you don’t know which hero works best according to your gameplay.

What will the game offer to Evil Dead series fans?

For many, Evil Dead was the peak of their love for horror, whether it is gaming or movies. According to officials of the studio which developed Evil Dead, the game is constructed brick by brick by Evil Dead fans, so you can expect a pretty good package.

The game combines elements from all the previous Evil Dead movies, including Army of Darkness, Evil Dead 2, Ash vs. Evil Dead, and Evil Dead, into Evil Dead: The Game after formerly getting licensing rights. It features the voice of original actors to take the realism to a whole new level making it difficult for you to distinguish whether you are watching a movie or playing a game.

Decapitate the Kandarian demon with the broadsword or deal serious damage with the shotgun. Choose Pablo from Ash vs. Evil Dead or Arthur from Army of Darkness as your main character wreaks havoc in the forest.

The game is filled with easter eggs and references to various titles of the Evil Dead franchise, and you can relive those moments again. All the locations, items, and characters in Evil Dead are named by a loremaster, and you can clearly see that the master did an exceptional job.  

Do you remember the Jake’s Gas ‘n Go logo from the side of a truck in Evil Dead 2? It is again brought to life by developers as an in-game location in Evil Dead. The item that you need to upgrade existing items in your arsenal is named Pink F, after the name of a legendary cocktail from the Ash vs. Evil Dead movie.

No matter whether you look at a character or the overall environment, it shows cases of the attention to detail and level of care of developers. If you have already seen all the movies in the Evil Dead series, you will be happy to learn that it presents some of the most remarkable moments from those movies in a new way.

What will the game offer to multiplayer battle arena lovers?

Although most fans will be extremely familiar with the Evil Dead series and have experienced all its reboots, spinoffs, and sequels, there are a large number of players who have no idea what it’s all about. Experts at the studio knew it and made sure that whether you are new to the series, you don’t have any difficulty playing the game. It features the weapon and equipment looting system of battle royales to help you enjoy the best of both worlds.

In terms of gameplay and various other aspects, Evil dead shows similarities to various other popular horror titles such as Dead by Daylight and Friday the 13th. The game becomes more exciting for those who have already played these titles because it brings some new gameplay features to the scene along with the default gameplay of horror multiplayer games.

Evil Dead uses the mechanics of battle royals to improve the gameplay and let players experience horror like never before. The Kandarian demon is pretty easy to defeat at the start of each round, but he gets powerful with each passing minute, and you can’t rely on your starting weapon to defeat him.

To deal with this problem, explore various locations across the map and search for better weapons that can deal serious damage. Different areas of the map feature weapons and other items according to rarity and difficulty level. There are bigger rewards for risk takers while careful players have to stay with low damage dealing weapons. Which Evil Dead Game feature excites you the most?


This information is based on an interview with the team of developers and will give you an idea about what the game will feature. To be sure, you will have to wait for the final release of the game.

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