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Top Tips to Dominate in Team Fortress 2


Team Fortress is a multiplayer first-person and second-person shooter game that was created and published by Valve.

Dominating in TF2

A Domination is a reward for killing or assisting in the killing of one specific adversary four times without that enemy killing or assisting in the killing of you. A specific sound cue plays if you dominate a player and you become their nemesis.

Team Fortress 2 Guide

  1. Effective Teles

Teleporters in the game are game-changing, and they need to be set the appropriate way after they are built. If they are placed in the right place, then you’ll surely have an edge in the game.

  1. Friendly Genocide

Always kill your friends first, no matter what. Prioritizing the death of friends before that of the enemy should be done.

  1. Get the right sensitivity and set up

Your sensitivity and set-up matter a lot in the game, and you need to start tweaking whatever you’ve got as soon as possible. You’ll need to learn your settings and configuration so well that you will not need to think about the button you plan on clicking before you do it.

  1. One of the TF2 tips is that you need to keep your eyes on your frame rate. The game is not very optimized, and a lot of people complain that the games are lagging a lot. If you notice you are lagging a little bit, you might want to turn down your graphic settings a little. Even though your game would look shittier, you would have a better frame rate, which would help you well enough in the flow of your game.
  2. Showing the damage numbers is also a very helpful tip in Team Fortress 2. The more you play TF2, the more you understand why it is important to know the kind of gun a player is holding. If you can see the damage number, it shows you how much damage you’ve caused to a player or how much health a player has to know if a kill is worth chasing or not.
  3. One of the nice TF2 tricks is that it’s advisable to turn on your hit sound because it’s a good thing for you to know if you hit an opponent or not. Sometimes, the damaged text doesn’t show, and you might be conflicted with the decision of either chasing the opponent or staying away.

TF2 scout tips

  • One of the tips for Tf2 Scout is to practice harder and consistently. There is a method where you go into a bot match as a scout, and then you pull out your weapon, activate the launch pad, and stay at the entrance. Then you try and keep your crosshairs locked on the bots as they walk by you (or leap over you).

It’s very easy after consistent practice, but it’s harder at the start. It’s also a simple technique; keep your crosshair on them as they pass by without shooting at first. At this point, you might also want to jump and move randomly, and at the same time, keep your crosshair on them. Afterward, you can now move on to shooting them and doing as much as you can to not miss.

  • In addition to the TF2 tips for scouts, it is also recommended for a scout main to go for a lower sensitivity, unlike the medic, because you would want to obtain more accuracy with your shorts.
  • Your movement is also very important and would save you tons of time, so it’s advisable to improve your moving skills.
  • Do not shoot at random

Because reloading the Scattergun takes a long time, don’t shoot at random until you’re certain you’ll strike the adversary. If you can’t reload and kill the adversary any longer, use the bat: it hits faster than other melee weapons, so just hold down the left mouse button and dash around the attacker. You’ll be astonished to learn that this method genuinely works.

TF2 Engineer tips

  • Move when building

It is very important to move when building. For an engineer, the point at which you start building is when you actually become the most vulnerable, and moving around and checking your surroundings is very crucial. Otherwise, you can easily get backstabbed by anyone, especially a spy.

  • It’s also important that you know when you need to change the position that you love to use. You need to learn to go with the flow of the game. When your team begins to dominate a particular position and you are not there, you should know you need to move.
  • You shouldn’t also build up your machines in a closed way. It’s best to space them out.
  • Scavenge and farm.
  • One of the tips that are very important is to stay close to your teammates and not just run off to your enemies’ territory.
  • Hit your building with a wrench.

Knocking on a Sentry Gun, for example, improves its features in exchange for a valuable resource: metal. By attaining new levels, the building gains new options for defense or attack, as well as a 20% increase in health. A wrench, by the way, can be used as a weapon to help you fight the adversary.

The TF2 Demoman

The Demoman is a key TF2 character who, when properly learned, may help you turn the match around in your favor with his unrivaled arsenal of war skills and tools. On the other hand, Demoman is a good pick for intermediate players. So, if you’re a new TF2 player, you’ll definitely need some tips on how to play Demoman effectively.

  • Medium-range attacks should be used effectively.

Keep in mind that Demoman is the ideal character for medium-range combat because his explosives are harder to escape, easier to aim, and do not cause self-damage to the player.

  • It is also a very important feature to use Demoman weapons that are specific to your class more frequently.
  • Do as much as you can to also obtain fire immunity with chargin’ targe. It helps you play well.
  • The last tip here is to ensure you master Deomoman Jump very well.


The tf2 is a great multiplayer video game that allows players to battle against each other in teams in the first person mode. The major tips mentioned in the article that would help improve a player’s gameplay are the rapid movement of the avatar and the normal settings of the game.

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