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Top 10 Zombie Games for PS5!


The horror genre has been steadily growing, ever since it reached its full potential with the release of Resident Evil back in the 90s. Horror has always been a genre about immersion, specifically when it comes to Zombie games. These games are meant to immerse you in their world, and the PlayStation 5 is the best way to do it! The PlayStation 5 is a console that possesses the best graphical fidelity from any generation so far. This is why Zombie games are extra fun to play on the PS5!

  1. Resident Evil 2
    You cannot talk about the zombie game genre without mentioning Resident Evil 2.
    Capcom’s landmark zombie game is responsible for putting the genre on the map, and this remake does the original justice. Designed within the new RE Engine, this game looks and feels tenfold more terrifying than the original. It’s a classic in a modern coat of paint.
    This Zombie PS5 game stands out amongst the crowd as a trend setter. However, a lot of the games on this list have that same tone!
  2. Days Gone
    Days Gone is a first party exclusive zombie game that managed to garner worldwide attention.
    This game has a massive, sprawling open world and focuses heavily on fighting large hordes of zombies. The horde design in Days Gone is horrifying, there are hundreds of zombies that chase after you in this game.
    Days Gone’s story is also quite well written, just as you’d expect from any Sony game!
  3. The Persistence
    The Persistence is an intriguing game to say the least. Originally released as a PSVR exclusive, then brought to the PS5.
    This PS5 zombie game is a weird mix of FPS shooting, rogue-lite and zombie horror. It might not be the most story oriented or well-written, but it has an amazing gameplay loop! The Persistence is a lot like Doom 2016, all you need to focus on is killing the bad guys.
    This game is genuinely terrifying at some points, but you have a lot in your arsenal to make sure you’re the threat instead.
  4. The Last of Us
    This game would perhaps be on the top of this list if it had an actual PlayStation 5 port.
    Perhaps one of the most celebrated games of all time, The Last of Us is a masterpiece. This stealth-based survival horror game works on full 60 FPS on the highest graphical fidelity on Sony’s PS5. It has a story that will engage you, characters that you’ll love and a gameplay loop that will be as intense as it can.
    This PS5 zombie game is not just your average horror game, but a work of art.
  5. Back4Blood
    Back4Blood is a game by former L4D developers, and it’s a natural evolution of the genre.
    This game is made to be played with friends, as you squash, shoot and cut your way through hordes of zombies. It cannot be understated how refreshing Back4Blood is to the wave-based shooting games.
    It’s newly released but updates are in queue, there will definitely be more content added with each new patch!
  6. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Extraction
    Built on an event mode from Rainbow Six Siege, Extraction is a weirdly unique gaming experience.
    This 3-player co-op game brings some of the most intense shooting mechanics from Siege into a zombie survival game. This makes Extraction not just difficult to master, but its operator system brings lots of variety to the gameplay. Different characters have different abilities, and they are variable depending on the situation.
    It’s safe to assume that Rainbow Six: Extraction is a PS5 Zombie game that deserves your attention.
  7. World War Z: Aftermath
    World War Z: Aftermath is the next step in World War Z games. It is bigger, better and way more terrifying than the base game.
    World War Z: Aftermath pits you and your friends against incredibly large hordes of zombies. It gives you a ton of choices on how to deal with them. You have a variety of options; from traps, mounted turrets and maze-like maps, to shooting them all down the old-fashioned way.
    This game pushes you to play for your life, as every death can be a detriment to your squad.
  8. Dying Light 2: Stay Human
    Dying Light 2 is a first person, open world exploration and role-playing game.
    Polish developers Techland promised a highly ambitious game, and they delivered with Dying Light 2. This game uses all of its assets to perfection. It has an immersive world, a fun parkour system and only the scariest zombie encounters. It is a consistently well-paced game, and it never gets boring!
    This RPG game also features a narrative that moves based on your decisions, so make your choices carefully in this PS5 Zombie game.
  9. Resident Evil Village
    Resident Evil Village is the latest in Resident Evil’s streak of genius interpretations of its own franchise.
    Instead of being filled with just zombies, it is filled with all sorts of mythological monsters. You have zombies, werewolves, giant vampires and witches! This gothic tale of horror is not just scary, but also exhilarating! It’s got mind blowing action and fantastically designed set pieces to keep you on your toes!
    This game is a genuine experience, and it needs to be enjoyed by players no matter what.
  10. The Last of Us Part II
    The Last of Us Part II is Sony’s most divisive game to date. However, no one can even begin to compete with its gameplay design.
    This game truly immerses you in its world, making you think carefully before you do things in game. Every NPC you kill will have effects on your character, and it will have drastic implications on the story. Not to mention, it has the best characterization in gaming history, with characters that truly grow throughout its run time.
    This is a game that everyone should sink their teeth into. This PS5 zombie game has changed gaming forever.
    This was our list of the ten best PS5 zombie games, and they’re all just as good as you’d expect them to be. Some of these games were revolutionary, while others give you an exciting and engaging time. What are some of your favorite zombie games?

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