Top 10 Upcoming Xbox Series X Games! 


The Xbox Series X is by far one of the most powerful consoles to ever be created, perhaps the most powerful one of them all. This console is designed to run games at their highest capacity, and keep them from stagnating in their performance. This is what makes Microsoft’s upcoming lineup of games so spectacular, this is a console generation that will truly bring about some of the best games ever!

1. Avowed

Just like many of the games on this list haven’t received a release date yet, Avowed is still cooking. 

Obsidian Entertainment are hard at working, creating a brand new fantasy RPG set within the world of Pillars of Eternity. There isn’t much known about Avowed as of yet, but this will be a story that you write on your own, as your decisions will shape the path you tread. 

The game will seemingly have an emphasis on melee combat, and spellcasting, and it will most likely be in first person. 

2. State of Decay 3

Undead Labs’ most prized possession, State of Decay is a franchise that keeps on giving. 

The second game in the series was a smash hit, creating some of the most memorable experiences for players in this post-apocalyptic zombie survival horror game. The third game however, seems to be changing things. 

A brand new winter setting will be brought into the mix, along with new mechanics and enemy types!

3. Alan Wake 2

Remedy Entertainment are back and ready to kick off on a continuation of Alan Wake’s phenomenal story. 

Alan Wake is a horror, action-adventure game that is set within the world of a writer’s nightmares. The first game was lauded for its phenomenal storytelling and compelling gameplay design. This will be a game with lots of shooting, an atmospheric world and a narrative experience that you won’t be able to resist!

Remedy have only gotten better as a studio since that game came out a decade ago, and people are hyped beyond control for the sequel!

4. A Plague Tale: Requiem 

A Plague Tale was one of the many sleeper hits of the past few years, and we’re glad its getting a sequel. 

This was a very narrative driven experience, following the story of two siblings in an era of the rat plague. The game has multiple kinds of gameplay elements combined into one, from stealth sections to chases, puzzle solving and good old-fashioned combat and boss encounters. 

There is a lot of promise in this sequel, and most likely this will be just as good if not better!

5. Hogwarts Legacy

The one true game in Harry Potter’s Wizard World that fans had been craving for decades. 

This open world action RPG game is Avalanche’s most ambitious game to date. They are creating a world and gameplay loop that will keep Harry Potter fans satiated for a while. The game is inspired by Rockstar’s Bully, where you will be attending classes at Hogwarts, choosing your own Hogwarts House, and carving your own way through the school’s legend. 

The game will have lots to do, from exploration to magical action, and a whole lot of side quests!

6. Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II

Hellblade was a visceral, core shaking experience that sinks into your mind as a player. 

Hellblade 2 is an ominous game, not much is known about it aside from the one trailer that showcased Senua and her men going up against a giant. There are rumors that developers Ninja Theory are quite close to finishing the game, yet there is no release date out yet. 

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II has high expectations from fans, especially due to it being one of the more lucrative Xbox Exclusive games that will compete with Sony games!

7. Saints Row

After almost a decade of no content, the Saints are back in action!

This is an entirely new take on the franchise, taking place in a brand new location and with a whole new cast of whacky characters. Saints Row has never been goofier, as this new game is looking to give you unlimited customization options, limitless gameplay variations and a whole bunch of fun activities that you can keep partaking in. 

It’s also going to have a jump in co-op mode. This is simply a blessing for everyone who wants to showcase their talents of being a crime boss to their friends!

8. Gotham Knights

WB Montreal’s long awaited Gotham Knights is getting closer and closer to release, and yet no one truly knows much about it. 

The game is a much more evolved version of the Batman Arkham games, bringing in two player co-op as well as also letting players experience the narrative solo. 

The game is going to have 5 district, 4 player characters that you can pick from, lots of bad guys to fight, crime to prevent and people to help!

9. Redfall

Arkan Studios’ first entry into the multiplayer world, Redfall looks so much more fun than anything else in their catalogue.

This aesthetically pleasing, zombie horde shooter seems to be a mix between their mainline franchise Dishonored and Left 4 Dead. There’s no gameplay footage for Redfall, though it is most likely going to be a first-person shooter in the co-op genre. Whether it has a story attached or not is currently not known.

Redfall might end up becoming one of the biggest hits for Microsoft and Bethesda!

10. Starfield

Finally on the number one spot, we have Todd Howard’s passion project; Starfield.

Starfield is an open world, action-adventure roleplaying game set in the distant future where humanity has traversed onto the stars. The game will most likely just be Skyrim but in space, and honestly, there is nothing to complain about. 

Starfield is coming out later this year, and is probably the most anticipated game of the year besides Sony’s God of War Ragnarok. 


These were our picks for some of the best upcoming Xbox Series X games. The Xbox Series X is one of the best consoles for next gen gaming. Especially now that the Xbox Game Pass has finally become prominent, there is no better time to invest in buying one for yourself!

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