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Top 10 Multiplayer PS5 Games


The Sony PlayStation 5 is by far one of the most impressive consoles in gaming history. This new generation of the PlayStation is a genuine powerhouse, with some of the highest processing power, fastest solid-state drives and some amazing graphics and frame rates to back it up. Naturally, with higher frame rates you get more options to play your favorite Multiplayer games! Here’s a list of the top ten multiplayer games for the PS5!

  1. Grand Turismo 7
    Gran Turismo 7 is a triumph in the racing games genre. While it has a unique and fun to play campaign, the multiplayer is where the fun is at!
    You race against players of the same skill level as yourself, and drive to win it all! It provides a cathartic experience for those looking for a competitive racing experience. Not to mention, it’s got a huge collection of tracks to choose from, and cars to drive that keep your experience fresh for a long while.
    Gran Turismo 7 is a highly competitive multiplayer PS5 game. It’s also constantly updated and there is always more content being added by the developers!
  2. Back4Blood
    Back4Blood is an actual successor to Left 4 Dead, and it couldn’t have been any better. This is the first time a game by the Left 4 Dead developers has come to a Sony console.
    Back4Blood features an intense set of campaigns that you can run through with up to 3 other players. These campaigns are littered with some genuinely treacherous enemies to shoot down, beat up, stealthily avoid or blow-up using explosives!
    Back4Blood is best played as multiplayer PS5 game with a squad of 4 players. It can get super intense if you don’t have your friends by your side!
  3. Mortal Kombat 11
    If you’re looking for a fighting game that will fulfill your thirst for competition, look no further than Mortal Kombat 11.
    MK11 has a fantastic campaign, but the multiplayer aspect is so incredibly popular that you can find matches within seconds. There’s a huge catalogue of characters to pick from here, some iconic with brand new additions to the roster.
    Master your combos, learn your opponents’ play styles and become the master of this multiplayer PS5 fight game.
  4. Grand Theft Auto Online
    Rockstar Games’ mainline franchise Grand Theft Auto has perhaps seen the ultimate form of evolution with GTA5. However, it’s online element is still the freshest thing to play!
    Grand Theft Auto Online gives you and your friends the opportunity to raise your very own criminal empire. Buy properties, start businesses, go on heists and play through the fantastic story of Grand Theft Auto Online’s never ending world.
    There is always more to do in this Multiplayer title for the PS5. Rockstar Studios’ constant updates make it a must play!
  5. Rocket League
    Rocket League has gone free to play, and there is no better time to jump into it than now!
    This 3 versus 3 driving game provides one of the most competitive multiplayer PS5 gaming experiences. It indulges you to practice as much as possible, and get better over time. The game has a ton of modes to pick from, whether you’re a casual player or someone looking for more intense competition.
    You can customize your cars to your liking, you can build a clan, or join one. Rocket League brings a neverending amount of fun!
  6. Apex Legends
    Respawn Entertainment’s natural evolution of Titanfall’s multiplayer turned out to be Apex Legends. Although, this is very different to Titanfall indeed.
    Apex Legends is a multiplayer online battle royale game where you can play solo or with a team of up to 2 other players. This game is a hero shooter, which means you have a ton of characters to choose from and each of them brings their own active and passive abilities. Along with a ton of different game modes and weapons, Apex Legends is a refreshing game for all FPS fans.
    If you’re looking for a shooting game that will attract your interest consistently, and bring more content for you to enjoy on a daily basis, look no further than Apex!
  7. Destiny 2
    Bungee has recently been acquired by Sony, which means that Destiny 2 is now a first party game for the PlayStation 5. This means exclusive content, exclusive events and exclusive in game rewards!
    Destiny 2 is a first-person looter shooter multiplayer PS5 game, with an emphasis on MMO elements. You run around this futuristic world, and collect as many weapons and gear to create the best build! Go on raids, defeat world bosses, hhave the time of ve the time of your life with your friends in this MMOFPS!our life with your friends in this MMOFPS!
  8. Call of Duty Warzone
    Call of Duty Warzone is the second most popular multiplayer game in the world right now, its not even close.
    This battle royale is extremely engaging. It has some of the best shooting mechanics, weapon designs, customization options and abilities. Not to mention, it also has highly detailed maps and world events that keep the game fun and refreshing!
    Warzone is regularly updated for new content each season, and a new developing team takes over with each new Call of Duty release!
  9. It Takes Two
    Instead of giving you a competitive experience, It Takes Two strives to provide you a relaxing, narrative-driven, co-op experience instead.
    This multiplayer PS5 game is unlike any other, being the best co-op game ever. Play as Cody and May, who have been turned into dolls. This two-player multiplayer story takes you through many worlds and locations to get back to your real bodies.
    Hazelight Studios has created a genuine masterpiece with It Takes Two, and it’s something everyone should play!
  10. Fortnite
    What can be said about Fortnite Battle Royale that hasn’t been said already?
    This is the world’s most popular shooting game, and the best Battle Royale game in the world. It features some of the best events in any game, along with some amazing shooting mechanics, sponsored skins, cosmetics and playlists.
    Fortnite has evolved into an actual metaverse of its own, and we’re all here for it!
    These were our picks for the best multiplayer games to play on the PlayStation 5. These multiplayer PS5 games have very unique gaming experiences for players. What’s your favorite multiplayer PS5 game?

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