Top 10 Games Like Minecraft


Meta Description: It has been a decade since the launch of Minecraft and players are searching for games like Minecraft as they don’t have much to do in the game.

In 2011, at the start of a new decade, a new game by the title of Minecraft was released, which brought a revolution to the game world. It inspired a whole generation of gamers to show their true skills to the world, as well as inspired developers to produce more good games.

At the time of the release, it was just a sandbox where players could create whatever they wanted with raw material available in the game. It featured multiplayer gameplay, which enabled players to invite their family members and friends to play together. Millions of copies of Minecraft were sold all around the globe.

Seeing its popularity, a large number of studios released their clone version of Minecraft, but the gaming community was not ready to leave Minecraft so early. Pro players created mods to take the creativeness to a whole new level. But the time is changing, and players want better graphics and other staff along with that Minecraft experience, so here are the top 10 games like Minecraft that you can play.


Trove comes up with the same building mechanism and characters as Minecraft, but it’s better all thanks to those MMO elements. You can pick your favorite class from a lot of different options available or experiment with them before selecting your favorite.

Each class has its weaknesses and strength, and they adapt pretty well to your gameplay. With three different crafting specialties, help your teammates in the best way possible. Players will be rewarded after successfully completing a level with in-game prizes based on the difficulty of the level.


There is good news for those who have already spent hours playing Minecraft, as the idea behind both games is almost the same. Roblox lets you create program games and play them at the same time. You can download it for free to create games according to your taste. Roblox features an economy where players trade in-game items for currency. A large collection of items are also available to let players customize their in-game character.


The first launch of NO MAN’S SKY was in 2015 for PC and PS4, but it didn’t go as planned, but the small team of developers worked day and night to come up with its updated version. It contains survival mode and base building along with 30 hours of story.

According to the gaming community, the best addition is the multiplayer made. You will travel through various planets and galaxies to reach your ultimate destination, which is the center of the universe.


DEEP ROCK GALACTIC lets you choose three of your best friends, select a character class, and dive into the deep cave system on an unknown planet. It is considered a mining game, but it’s a first-person shooter with much more to offer than you think.

The choice of path is yours; one path is to the point while the other is more dangerous, but it is for those who are looking for some extra adventure. The game features a vast collection of weapons to help you deal with enemies.


If you are looking for alternative to Minecraft but can go without building or mining, STARDEW VALLEY is the best option for you. Your character left the city to continue life on the family farm. Clear the land, sow your crops, and harvest them at the right time.

Choose the desired crop from the available options to grow what is more profitable for you. On your free days, go fish on the nearby lake and catch fish for dinner. Meet villagers to make new friends with them and discuss the situation with them.


In TERRARIA, there is no objective as you will be given the choice of creating your objectives. Become rich by hunting underground and build an impressive base with all that wealth. You will be exploring a lot in the game, and new secrets will be unveiled as you progress through the game.

Complete specific objectives to unlock workers for your base. Each worker will benefit you with their skills, and you can fire any with a single click.


FORTNITE: SAVE THE WORLD is regarded as one of the best alternatives to Minecraft. Your only task is to fight off a big horde of zombies. Build your base brick by brick and customize it by choosing items from a vast collection.

Construct traps as your first line of defense to kill some zombies before they even reach your base. Upgrade your character with skill points to increase its abilities.


STARBOUND is set in a Terraria-styled 2D world where you will be given the ability to jump between a large number of planets in the blink of an eye. With widely diversified gameplay, STARBOUND appeals to a large number of Minecraft lovers. Sometimes you will be gunning down bad guys in the most dangerous parts of the universe while building a nice log house next to your alien neighbors.


MY TIME AT PORTIA is a farming game where you will raise animals and grow crops at your farm. But the adventure doesn’t end there as there are some secret dungeons in the game which you have to explore to find the secret creature and deal with him. Go prepared for adventure as you don’t know what is waiting for you out there in the dark.


Eco is set in a green forest where the population is afraid as a meteor is about to strike. As the most genius person around, you will be given the task of dealing with the threat before it ends everything. Develop technology and destroy the meteor in its path.

You will start with nothing and have to collect resources to craft items from scratch. It is a survival game, and you have to act fast as the meteor is getting closer with each minute. Which of these games will you try first?


Some of the games in this list are visually similar to Minecraft while others offer the same gameplay. There is no perfect clone of Minecraft but these games will provide you with same experience.