Top 10 Fortnite Battle Pass Skins Ranked


Fortnite is the world’s most popular Battle Royale game, and the competition isn’t even close. This game is so much fun to play, especially because of the refreshing gameplay changes that are brought into every new season. Fortnite is ever-evolving, and so are the cosmetic selections that you can acquire in it. Fortnite battle passes are the main selling point, and boy are there a lot of them. Here’s a ranking of the top 10 battle pass skins in Fortnite history!

10. Fusion – Chapter 2: Season 1

Fusion is by far one of the sleekest skins to ever release in Fortnite history!

This hooded assassin looks just as cool as he did back when he released in Chapter 2 Season 1. His color coding is fantastic, and his design makes him look almost exactly like a Sith Lord. This is extremely relevant today, especially because of the Star Wars content filling Fortnite as a game!

If you have this skin at the moment, your account should be more valuable than gold to you!

9. Carnage – Chapter 2: Season 8

Carnage is the first of MANY Marvel themed skins that have managed to sneak their way onto the best skins list.

Carnage is absolutely fantastic as a skin, he comes with his very own built in pick axe and also his own emote as well as his own backpack. He looks like a collective set as a whole, and he simply has the vibe that he will destroy you if you come across him in game. 

This skin strikes fear into the hearts of your opponents, and it was one of the best additions that came to the game with Chapter 2. 

8. Eternal Knight – Chapter 2: Season 3

Eternal Knight might have been the very best skin to ever come out back when it released.

This skin was so gorgeously designed, with a tiny hitbox and a beautiful selection of multiple colors. Not to mention, the skin also had an iconic design to it, which made anyone using it stand out from the crowd completely.

The game has brought skins like Eternal Knight afterward though, which makes this skin feel a bit inferior in comparison.

7. Iron Man – Chapter 2: Season 4

Well, the whole Avengers themed season brought in a bunch of good skins, but Iron Man stood out amongst the rest. 

Not only did you get Tony Stark himself with this bundle, but also an emote that lets you completely transform into the Avengers’ very own Iron Man as well. 

This was an original design based on the comics and the films combined, and it’s cooler than anything in the movies. 

6. Omega – Chapter 1: Season 4

Omega came out way back in Season 1, and it’s by and large still one of the most lovable skins in the game. 

Omega is a genuine warrior’s sign, someone who pushes their enemies and doesn’t run away from a fight. This skin gives you the confidence to slay your opponents, and look absolutely fantastic while doing so. 

If you want a skin that shows you’re a pro, Omega is the one to go with.

5. Midas – Chapter 2: Season 2

Midas was the first true villain in Fortnite’s history, and this skin stands out as a banger. 

Not only is this skin well designed, it also comes with a bunch of different variations, as well as a reactive version. The gun skins also compliment this overall set, while the pickaxe gives it more of a feel as well.

In essence, there is nothing in this set that breaks the loop, and it’s one of the best looking skins to date.

4. Spire Assassin – Chapter 2: Season 6

This is the skin you should pick if you’re looking for style and personality.

Spire Assassin set the community on fire, it was such a good skin and yet it was on the 100th level of the season 6 battle pass. This skin has one of the most over the top designs. Now combine that with a fantastic color palette and it makes the skin stand out to look absolutely phenomenal during the game.

This skin signifies that you’re not just here for combat, but also for a fashion battle that you are definitely going to win.

3. Dr. Strange – Chapter 3: Season 2

The Sam Raimi directed MCU film Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness has come out on May 6th, and to commemorate that, our very own Sorcerer Supreme is in the Battle Pass. 

Doctor Strange was the perfect choice as this season’s 100th tier skin. Not only is the new film coming out, the character is more relevant than ever in the MCU due to the franchise gravitated more towards the multiverse. Doctor Strange looks phenomenal in the game, coming with his very own emote that gives you a different pickaxe, and his signature cape. 

This is the skin to make your Marvel buddies jealous.

2. The Mandalorian – Chapter 2: Season 5

There was no other skin that came so close to perfection as The Mandalorian. 

Added to the game in Chapter 2, the Mandalorian changed the season with a Star Wars theme to it all. Not only did the Mandalorian look identical to the design in the show, he even came with a Baby Yoda back bling which made it all the more desirable. 

This skin will fulfill your Star Wars roleplaying dreams!

1. Spider-Man – Chapter 3: Season 1

What could be better than having your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man as a playable character in a season where you have web swinging as a feature?

Spider-Man is by and large the best skin in Fortnite. Epic wisely chose to bring in the classic Spiderman suit, to satiate the thirst of long time fans of the comics. It also matched the timing perfectly, because Spider-Man No Way Home had recently come out and destroyed box office records. 

 If you’re looking for the one skin that you need to have in the game, you had to get Spider-Man.


It seems that Fortnite has been putting more effort into the skins since chapter 2, and every single skin in chapter 3 is perfection. Let’s hope that this keeps going, because we’d love to see more of our favorite pop culture icons coming to the game.