Creators Page


Frederick Packard

Frederick is the co-author and co-creator to Charon Comic’s first graphic novel series Skylin and Sol Survivor. He is also Charon Comics’ lead marketer and social media guru.
Favorite Comic/Character: Avatar Korra from Legend of Korra

Joshua Valliere

Joshua is also a coauthor and co-creator for Skylin and Sol Survivor graphic novel series. Along with writing, he is Charon Comics’ art director and graphic designer.
Favorite Comic/Character: V for Vendetta



Adam Cozart

Adam is the primary artist for Skylin, Charon Comics’ first graphic novel series. He has taken the words directly from the writer’s pages and developed the whole world of Skylin, from storyboarding and concepts to inking and coloring. If Josh and Fred are the brains of Skylin, then Adam is certainly the heart.
Favorite Comic/Character: Swamp Thing

Daniel ‘Pez’ Lopez

Pez is the primary artist of Charon Comics’ Sol Survivor graphic novel series. He is building the Sol’s story with stunning visuals and amazing creativity.
Favorite Comic/Character: Batman

Jade Law

Jade has been working with Josh and Fred since the early development of Sol Survivor. She is the unique and very talented concept artist for all the characters of the Sol Survivor series and really helped to shape it’s universe.
Favorite Comic/Character: Gantz

Mike Stefan

Mike has worked with Josh on a previous graphic novel project and provided beautiful and unwavering color. Mike’s future work with Charon Comics will be with the Skylin series, taking over coloring from Adam after the first issue.
Favorite Comic/Character: Batman

Jessica Jimerson

Jessica is a logo artist and created the title art for both Skylin and Sol Survivor series. She has worked with Josh on other projects and she has been a monumental asset.
Favorite Comic/Character: The Walking Dead