Zombie Games PS5

Top 10 Zombie Games for PS5!

The horror genre has been steadily growing, ever since it reached its full potential with the release of Resident Evil back in the 90s. Horror has always been a genre about immersion, specifically when it comes to Zombie games. These games are meant to immerse you in their world, and the PlayStation 5 is the […]

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PS5 Games

Top 10 Multiplayer PS5 Games

The Sony PlayStation 5 is by far one of the most impressive consoles in gaming history. This new generation of the PlayStation is a genuine powerhouse, with some of the highest processing power, fastest solid-state drives and some amazing graphics and frame rates to back it up. Naturally, with higher frame rates you get more […]

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Evil Dead

Evil Dead: The Game Overview

Evil Dead is a gore-filled horror game with a lot of surprises. This article features an overview of what you can expect in Evil Dead. Evil Dead is an upcoming multiplayer horror game that will feature iconic characters from the evil dead universe. You will select your character and step into the game to deal […]

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NFT games

10 Nft Games of 2022

NFTs are literally everywhere these days, and there is no way that the gaming industry can stay unaffected. NFT games are pretty popular, and below are the ten nft games of 2022. A combination of unconventional game mechanisms with conventional gaming designs where players have complete control over in-game assets, including virtual lands, characters, skins, […]

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