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Elden Ring – Top 10 Bosses that Make Players RAGE!


Within a single month, Elden Ring has quickly risen among the ranks and become one of the best games to ever release. It’s a game that relies heavily on difficulty, and pushing you to your limits as players. However, with that you have a ton of bosses that are genuinely there to ruin your day. There’s no other satisfaction like beating a hard boss in a Soulsborne game, but these ten bosses in Elden Ring made players rage!

  1. Fire Giant
    Fire Giant is the one boss in the game that can two hit you, no matter what attack he throws at you.
    Not just this, but it’s very hard to deal damage to him due to his colossal size and very large health bar. His second phase is even harder, as he starts throwing fire balls at you.
    Fire Giant is definitely one of the tankiest bosses in Elden Ring. His massive AoE attacks can end your run prematurely.
  2. Dragonlord Placidusax
    Dragonlord Placidusax, the secret dragon boss is by far the toughest of his kind.
    It’s not just that he has a large HP bar, but also the fact that he is constantly on the move. He will vanish mid fight and pounce on you out of nowhere. When he’s still, his massive AoE attacks will keep you from damaging him too much.
    Dragonlord Placidusax is always two steps ahead in Elden Ring, so the best way to beat him is a battle of attrition.
  3. Morgott, The Omen King
    If you think Margit was a pain to fight, wait till you meet Morgott, the Omen King.
    Morgott is Margit but on steroids. He’s got twice the HP, thrice the damage, and a plethora of more attacks than his predecessor. As a result, he can cause a ton of damage to you without even being close to you. His speed lets him get close to you in split seconds.
    Morgott, The Omen King makes Leyndell all the more terrifying to explore in Elden Ring.
  4. Commander Niall
    Commander Niall brings with himself a genuinely irritating gank-fest.
    He’s an incredibly powerful foe by himself, but at the start of the fight he has two banished knights with himself. These two deal a massive amount of damage with some really annoying combos, while Commander Niall himself comes in for the occasional big damage attack.
    His peg leg deals some high shock damage attacks, and his staff keeps buffing his goons. Safe to say this is one of the most annoying fights in Elden Ring.
Commander Niall
  1. Beast Clergyman/Malekith, The Black Blade
    Beast Clergyman is definitely challenging but fair, however, his second phase Malekith is where the rage comes in.
    Malekith has massive AoE attacks, large sweeps and combos that can one shot you. He’s highly efficient at closing the distance, so spells won’t work on him either.
    The only way you can defeat Malekith is get better at Elden Ring and perfect the dodge timing.
  2. Mohg, Lord of Blood
    Mohg has a gimmick to him, he drains all of your blood by constantly inflicting blood loss.
    This monster has the ability to deal blood loss galore. He has AoE attacks, sweeps and strikes that will dismantle your HP within two hits. He’s highly annoying to fight due to this particular aspect, and one of the most annoying bosses in Elden Ring for sure.
    Not to mention, you cannot even be close to Mohg in his second phase due to how much blood loss that would inflict.
  3. Godskin Duo
    Godskin Duo is the most annoying boss fight in the game, without question.
    It’s genuinely unfair how difficult this fight is. The Apostle and Noble both move very closely together, and hit you in tandem. The pillars offer little protection as you are chased by one of the two no matter where you go. Not to mention, if you go back and try to heal, they throw black flame skulls at you and cancel it out.
    This fight is not just annoying to play through, but quite hard to enjoy. This is one of the mandatory boss fights in Elden Ring. It halts your progress, which makes it all the more frustrating!
  4. Starscourge Radahn
    Starscourge Radahn is the biggest skill check in Elden Ring, the rest aren’t even close.
    The festival of the Starscourge leads you to battling Radahn head on, and his mastery of the stars comes at full showcase. He is constantly sending gravity arrows, spears, and rocks your way. While his combos can one shot you within a mere moment. His second phase is even tougher, when falls like a meteor right on top of you.
    Starscourge Radahn has garnered the reputation of being one of the toughest Elden Ring bosses, and it’s very fair!
  5. Elden Beast
    Radagon of the Golden Order can kick your butt for a solid while. His second phase is the Elden Beast, which will leave you hurting.
    Elden Beast has the most broken attacks in the game by far, with some AoE and ranged combos that you can’t do much against. It also has a massive health bar, which takes at least 10 minutes worth of grinding to cut down.
    Elden Beast is the final boss in Elden Ring, so it makes sense why it’s so traumatizingly difficult.
  6. Malenia, Blade of Miquella
    Malenia might just be the hardest boss battle that FromSoftware have created so far.
    She has the fastest combos of any enemy in the game, with very limited dodging frames. Her combos get harder as she loses HP, as she will bring out the waterfowl dance which can one shot you. Her second phase sees her getting even stronger with the scarlet rot attacks, and her enchanted combos.
    Malenia would have been way fairer as a boss, if she didn’t have the ability to regenerate HP upon hitting you. So, if you were thinking of using a mimic against her, don’t, it’ll only give her more healing potential.
    Elden Ring has a huge variety of bosses, but these were definitely the ones that made players rage the most. It’s a humongous game, with a monumental number of things to do. So, if we missed anything, please let us know!

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