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Elden Ring 8 Best Weapons for All Players


Meta Description Stuck in a difficult location or can’t defeat a high-level boss, try one of these eight weapons to get out of a tricky situation.

Elden Ring comes up with a large number of weapons to choose from, and sometimes you will find it difficult to choose a weapon for a battle. The game doesn’t provide the ranking of the best weapons, and you have to test by yourself to find the best. Some weapons are good, while some are extraordinary, while others work in particular situations.

After the recent update, there have been various changes to the weapon system of Elden Ring. This guide features the eight best weapons in Elden Ring that you can choose any day to emerge victoriously. Some of the weapons in this list are easy to get, while others require you to fight with monsters first.

Greatsword Colossal Sword

If you are searching for a heavy sword, the Colossal Greatsword is your best option as it deals a large amount of damage with a few hits. As it is a heavy sword, you need a lot of stamina and strength to wield it. To get it, go to the Shack of Warmaster in Limgrave and continue on the road heading west until you reach the ruined caravan.

You need to go silently near the caravan as it is guarded by some large dogs, which will finish you off in a few bites. Search for all the wagons in the caravan until you find a wagon with a large box in the back; open the bag to find the greatsword.  

Reduvia Dagger

You can consider daggers in Elden Ring if you don’t worry about the range and attacking power of weapons and want a quick blade. With the right equipment and build, the Reduvia damage can kill enemies by dealing serious damage. For stealthier gameplay, backstab enemies with this dagger to kill them with blood loss damage.

You can get your hands on the Reduvia dagger pretty early in the game as it is dropped by the red phantom bloody hunter monster known as Nerijus near the lake in Limgrave. Talk to Yura at the south side of the lake to get tips about how to defeat Nerijus.   

Twinblade: The Double-Sided sword

Getting your first Twinblade in Elden Ring is easier done than said, as you will get it right after the opening of the game. This sword works best with dexterity and strength builds and features a large area of effect damage.

Go to Dragon Burnt Ruins in Limgrave near the lake to get the Twinblade sword. There is a chest in the nearby building with the Twinblade sword. You can hit the enemy multiple times to deal damage while they get an idea about what is happening.

Winged Scythe Reaper

Winged Scythe will help you in keeping your enemies at a distance while you land some high damage dealing sweeping and long strikes. You can combine it with magic weapons to cast a spell without giving enemies a chance to come near you to deal normal and holy damage.

This weapon can be found in a chest under the destroyed temple in Tomb sward ruins. Go prepared in the temple as there are some enemies. It is a great weapon to balance magic and melee damage output.

Meteorite Staff

The Meteorite staff enables players to cast more spells in a short time. You have to work with the base level Meteorite staff as there is no option to upgrade or infuse it in Elden Ring. If you have an intelligence-based character, it will boost your abilities.

Players don’t have to stay with this staff forever as they will surely find something better at the later stages of the game. Go to the south side of the swamp in Caelid and find the street of Sages ruins. There will be a decaying body there with the meteorite staff that you can pick up effortlessly.

Mooveil Katana Sword

Katana is the ultimate Japanese sword which is known for its speed and agility. The same thing goes for the Moonveil katana Sword in Elden Ring, as it can hurt enemies badly to inflict blood loss damage. The range of the katana is great, all thanks to its moonlight ability which sends a damage-dealing wave of magical energy toward enemies.

You can find Moonveil in the Caelid region, but pro players recommend leveling up your character and current equipment as you will face many different enemies on your way. Defeat the Magma Wyrm monster in the Geal Tunnel, and you will automatically receive the sword after some time.

The Sword of Night and Flame

This sword enables you to deal melee and magic damage at the same time by shooting large beams of flaming fire at enemies. It requires high levels of strength, faith, dexterity, and intelligence for maximum damage, so you should work on upgrading them to high levels before getting this sword.

Go to the Caria Manor on the north side of Liurnia in the Lakes region to get this special sword hidden in a chest. It is regarded as one of the strongest weapons in Elden Ring, especially if you have the right build. The Caria Manor and nearby areas are pretty dangerous as they are filled with hundreds of ghost knights and other creepy monsters.

Ghiza’s Wheel

 Ghiza’s Wheel features two benefits; one is that it does the slashing damage, while the other one is that it can be used as a chainsaw with its special skill. With a single hit, this ax can tear apart low-level enemies, while high-level enemies require multiple ends, but it gets the job at the end of the day.

You have to do some hard work to get this weapon, but it’s totally worth the effort. Head to the Volcano manor in the Mt. Gelmir region and talk to the NPC in the castle before defeating the Inquisitor Ghiza phantom to receive this ax as a reward. It requires a minimum of strength level twenty-eight and a dexterity level of eighteen for its special abilities and effects.  


Your gameplay style largely impacts the performance of weapons in Elden Ring, so choose a weapon that matches it. What is your favorite, most powerful weapon in the game?

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