The Next Generation of Fantasy

Described by its writers, Fred Packard and Josh Valliere, as “Legend of Korra meets Eragon”- Skylin is the first official series by Charon Comics. The story follows the titular character, an ordinary girl, who quickly gets swept up on an adventure that will put her in the middle of an ancient conflict between the Shadow Forces and the Serpen Riders.

The Story

Long ago, the six nations fell victim to the ruthless tyranny of the Demon King and his Serpen. He burned all who opposed him and spared few. With little hope for liberation, nobles from each nation journeyed to an ancient floating city where they pleaded to the Spirits for help. Six warriors, one from each nation, were granted a powerful Serpen of their own, which they used to defeat the Demon King.

Many centuries have passed and the tradition continues as the fifty year life cycle of the Serpens will be renewed with a new generation of Serpens and riders. Young nobles from every nation will, once again, travel to the floating city with the hope of leading the world in peace.

Princess Carly, being the only noble of proper age from her nation, has prepared her entire life to become a Serpen Rider. Accompanied by the Royal guard and her handmaiden, Skylin, she sets out on the long road with glory on her mind. However, powerful forces are emerging from the shadows and seek a dark future for the world.

 Future Plans

The first Series of Skylin will run for 12 issues. Once they are complete, a Novelization of the entire Series is planned. Also, 4 Deluxe Volumes (3 issues each) with Added Special Content will subsequently be released. A Collected Edition of Series 1 will also be available along with Skylin T- shirts & Merchandise on the Charon Comics website. The end goal is for Skylin to become an Animated Series.