Breathtaking Sci-Fi

Following Skylin’s debut, it’s time to make way for the next much-anticipated Sci-Fi adventure, Sol Survivor. Written by Josh Valliere & Fred Packard with breathtaking visuals by Daniel Lopez, Sol Survivor promises to be yet another property fans will adore.

Set in a semi-dystopian future, Sol combines the wonder of Space Opera with the gritty drama of Sci-Fi. The series follows the eponymous Sol, the last Human, in his quest for survival in a wide galaxy filled with unforgettable characters.

The Story

The crew of the Chrysalis starship stumble on the last survivor of the human race after he spent years marooned on a desolate planet with only his desire for vengeance to keep him alive.

The Series

On the other side of the Universe, Mankind has expanded into territory that was not theirs. The human race is subsequently eradicated by an Intergalactic Empire. Sol Survivor follows the story of Sol in his search for revenge on those that extinguished his people.

Along the way, he falls in with the errant crew of the Chrysalis.

Future Plans

Sol Survivor is planned for a 10-issue run within the first Story Arc. An Art Book is also in the works to showcase the Conceptual design that went into this project. The end goal is a Live Action film.