Redefining an Industry

Inspired by the Greek mythological boatman of the dead, Charon Comics leads the way for the next generation of comic entertainment. The publishing house was founded by Fred Packard & Josh Valliere who plan on releasing a plethora of original, genre-specific titles over the next few years. In a world where the 80-year old comic industry has been dominated by superheroes in bright-colored spandex, companies like Charon are a breath of fresh air for those with a more diverse appetite of entertainment.

 This philosophy is further strengthened by the company’s status as an independent publisher. While the indie landscape was quite bleak 15-20 years ago; the rise of e-commerce, Social Media, and Digital Publishing has ushered in a new era of Independent Publishing. Charon is able to maintain full creative control over their brands, thus ensuring a unique artistic experience for its readers.

Spearheading this ambitious initiative are Charon’s flagship properties, Skylin and Sol Survivor. Covering High-Fantasy and Space Opera/Sci Fi respectively, both properties offer very different types of entertainment but with the same attention to detail and quality.

Frederick Packard
Frederick Packard