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10 Nft Games of 2022


NFTs are literally everywhere these days, and there is no way that the gaming industry can stay unaffected. NFT games are pretty popular, and below are the ten nft games of 2022.

A combination of unconventional game mechanisms with conventional gaming designs where players have complete control over in-game assets, including virtual lands, characters, skins, weapons, etc., are known as NFT games. These games are launched on blockchain platforms and harness the power of digital asset economies for better functionalities.

Developers can keep the uniqueness of these in-game items by tokenizing them into NFTs. Compared to fungible game assets, the assets of NFT games are more expensive due to their rarity. Earn in-game items with good value by playing NFT games and sell them in the market at a good price. Talking about ten nft games of 2022, below are top picks by the gaming community.

  1. Silks 
  2. Decentraland 
  3. Axie Infinity 
  4. My Neighbor Alice
  5. CryptoKitties 
  6. Gods Unchained 
  7. Pirate X Pirate 
  8. Mines of Dalarnia 
  9. The Sandbox 
  10. Forest Knight 


If you are searching for an NFT game that is filled with some exciting gameplay features, Silks is your best option. It is a horse racing-related metaverse project which enables players to become the owner of racehorses. Learn everything about the horse, including details such as previous racing record, bloodline, history of development, etc. The game is directly connected to real-world horse-racing championships and will reward players based on the performance of the real-life counterpart of their in-game horse.


Decentraland lets you create a personalized avatar and step into the virtual world to communicate with avatars of other players. Become a real estate owner in the Decentraland land after buying and developing virtual land. Customize your character using a vast collection of clothing items and other exciting stuff. MANA is the native token of the game. You have the option to sell your in-game NFTs for MANA or can hold on to them for a better offer.

Axie Infinity 

Axie Infinity is Ethereum blockchain-based game that allows users to create virtual monster-like pets known as Axies. Use Axies to explore the outside world and fight with other Axies. Defeat them to earn rewards in the form of crypto tokens. Mint or buy an NFT of a rare in-game creature and make money by selling it at a better price.

My Neighbor Alice

My Neighbor Alice is a top-rated NFT game that makes your dream of owning a farm come true. Get your favorite piece of land and start growing crops on it to sell them to the market. It isn’t a farming game only, as you will be customizing your avatar and house. Raise animals on your farm and feed them with what is leftover from your crops or grow new crops for them.


CryptoKitties was released in 2017, making it one of the first NFT-related games where players earn for playing games. You will start with curing virtual kittens in a small house with the goal of breeding them for more kittens. These kittens are unique digital assets that are represented by non-fungible tokens. Some CryptoKitties-related NFTs broke records with sale prices in millions.   

Gods Unchained 

Gods Unchained is a free NFT game through which you can earn money. It is a card game that involves your strategic skills to win in the end. Trade cards from your arsenal with better cards as each card has certain weaknesses and strengths. These cards determine the outcome of each battle, so choose them wisely, as one wrong move can end your adventure.

Successfully complete all your tasks and mint a rare NFT to sell at the marketplace. If you are new to the game and want to boost up your progress, simply go to the marketplace and buy NFTs, which include cards and other stuff. The price of each NFT depends on the stats of the asset, so mint the highest tier cards only.

Pirate X Pirate 

Pirate X Pirate is a pirate theme-based play-to-earn game where you start with building your crew using a large number of characters and ships. Players explore the virtual sea with their crew and defeat other players through which they earn in-game currency in the form of PXP tokens. Players can sell and purchase PXP tokens online and earn real-world money. Upgrade ships before minting them into NFTs for a better price.

Mines of Dalarnia 

Mines of Dalarnia is an NFT game filled with a lot of action and adventure. Mining and owning land are the two main gameplay features of Mines of Dalarnia. Defeat monsters to earn more resources. Buy in-game items from the Binance NFT marketplace to overcome any hard challenges and avoid all the grinding. Become the richest avatar in the Mines of Dalarnia by collecting your wealth with hard work and commitment to show the outside world what you are capable of.

The Sandbox 

The Sandbox is an online platform and a game where you start by buying land and building your dream villa on it. With the right villa on your plot, you will be able to attract buyers to pay a high price for it. The data shows that Sandbox sold virtual islands for more than four million dollars. It uses a digital currency known as SAND for all in-game transactions.

Forest Knight 

Forest Knight is a mobile NFT game that enables you to fight with dark forces and earn crypto tokens for defeating them. Trade unique NFTs which represent a specific character and earn real-life money. List your NFT on the Forest Knight marketplace and get the price depending on the rarity. Everything in the game, including weapons and other in-game accessories, are NFTs. Which of the above-mentioned game is your favorite and why?


Now that you know about the top ten nft games in 2022, download your favorite one to start making money while you do what you love to do the most.

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