10 Best Story Mode Missions in GTA San Andreas


“10 Best Story Mode Missions in GTA San Andreas”

Simply put, new GTA games usually fail in the “ridiculous and fun division.”

“More realistic graphics” are not necessarily a good thing. For example, you could chase people on the street with chainsaws in Vice City. In San Andreas, there was a mission where you could ride a combine harvester, harvesting people in its path.

This looked ridiculous as it wasn’t cartoonish, accurate, and realistic graphics. In GTA 5, realism kills the silly aspect of the gameplay, and the same scene would look like something out of a slasher movie. Meaning it doesn’t work anymore. This is why they switched to very blunt and not very interesting satire instead.

In the transition to GTA 5, GTA games made the mistake of going after realism, which killed off a significant amount of “silly fun” gameplay. And that is the reason why somebody could prefer San Andreas.

Meanwhile, the “silliness” aspect was successfully picked up and then taken to eleven by the Saints row series.

For example, in one of the saint’s row games, you can jump out of the plane in free flight, smash through the front window of another plane, punch the pilot, fall through the whole plane still in free flight, emerge from open hangar door, engage ins shootout still in midair, and then only release the parachute when approaching background.

That’s not possible with the new GTA games. It doesn’t match gameplay and aesthetics.

And that’s why people could pick san Andreas over GTA 5. Graphics is not everything, and GTA 5 is not superior in every aspect. By the way, does anyone remember the enormous amount of customization options in san Andreas? Those aspects are gone in GTA 5 single-player mode.

GTA San Andreas

I have played this game several times, and there are some problematic missions. It depends on what you find difficult; for some, it is driving. For others, it is flying; for some, it is gang wars. Some people mentioned the Torino mission N.O.E., and some said flight school. Well, it depends. Now to answer your question, below is the list of 10 challenging missions in the game sniper elite 4 ps4( not in order of difficulty)

1)ballad drive-by mission( not sure of the name)

You have to do a drive-by and kill the ballas, and your guys suck at shooting

2) the wrong side of the tracks

You have to kill only four guys and pillions on the bike. i.e., Big smoke can shoot. And he sucks big time. Though there are other ways for you to shoot and finish this mission.

3)flight school

Some tests are complex, challenging to say which ( I didn’t find them difficult, but the common opinion is that this is hard)


Fly an old plane maintaining low altitude over challenging terrain with a time limit

5)OG loc

Chase and kill someone while riding a bike. A pillion rider helps in shooting ( sounds very easy, but trust me, it’s not)

6)tanker commander

Drive a  full tank of fuel while some idiots chase you in the car and shoot you. ( you can’t ignore the damage as there is a damage meter) there are other ways to do this mission.

7) supply lines

Zero’s mission is to fly RC planes with limited fuel consumption, time limits, and limited planes.

8)zeros other mission

Zero battles Burkleyon on the rooftop – RC planes attack his satellite dishes or something

9)zeros other mission

Zero vs. Burkley. They battle it out with RC planes and cars

10)free fall

Cj needs to fly a very slow plane and catch  the Learjet flying towards him game online 2022 (sounds easy, but getting on the Learjet flying in the Corona is a bit difficult part)